Saturday, October 20, 2007

What Makes Cebu Any Safer?

I have been looking for reasons why Cebu is way safer than Manila but I am unable to find any. Due to the recent bombings in Makati, should I be complacent enough because I am in Cebu? I don't think so!

Here is a definitive list of the reasons why Cebu isn't any less in danger:

1. Guards poking stick in the malls to check baggage and belongings. (Not unless there is this microchip in that stick that alarms authorities when a bomb is detected.)

2. Metal-detectors at bay. (Only used when security is heightened! Is that what you call safe?)

3. Only a single bomb-sniffing dog covering the whole mall if none at all.

4. Police visibility just above ten percent. (Except for kotong cops and traffic enforcers who goes OT to meet their quotas.)

I am not inviting anything untoward to come to Cebu. I am just worried we might be the next potential target. I just hope security goes up with these recent events. I would never want Cebu or any other place to suffer the same fate as Glorietta.

I am hoping for peace and eternal repose for those who died and a quick recovery to those who are injured.

I am hoping this will not happen again.


engz said...

yaks sana walang ganun sa cebu.huhuhu

ayoko nalang muna lumabas.


Nicey said...

Oh shieks. Not Cebu. Or anywhere else please. I love Cebu.

Let's pray.