Sunday, October 28, 2007

Spain in all its Glory

Two of the magnificent site of Spain are Torre de Bujaco and Muralla de Avila.

Torre de Bujaco is one magnificent castles found in the town of Caceres. It was built as part of the Roman fortification in the Roman empire hence its Roman design. Although it was once threatened for demolition, this enchanting castle still stands due to efforts of preservation.

Muralla de Avila on the other hand is a series of walls enclosing the old military town of Avila. Its outside has been lined by churches for the awe of tourists as well as locals.

If you plan to go to to Spain, these two places should atop your list of itineraries. Best hotels in Spain are just around the corners from which these tourist attractions could be found.

For a more specific tour of each city, if you plan to go to Barcelona, three of the most visited attractions to ogle are the Sagrada Familia, La Boqueria and GOthic quarter.

Sagrada Familia is a charming church by the city built around 1882. It was designed by Antoni Gaudi. It is towering testament of Catholic faith that has been unfinished and ravaged by war yet 2.2 million people visit it every year.

La Boqueria is literally the haven for shoppers going to Barcelona. It houses all types of goods from fresh fruits and flowers to ready to wear goodies.

The Gothic quarter used to be known as the Cathedral quarter of Barcelona. It is composed of streets lined up with Gothic buildings designed to almost a perfection. From churches to old Gothic establishments, one can find it in the city's Gothic quarter.

Hotels in Barcelona is never a problem owing to its rich culture and the vast amount of guests that flock the city every year.

Should you find Madrid a place to behold, then you need to know three of its major attractions: The Royal Palace, the botanical gardens and the Prado museum.

The Prado museum is known to be the largest art gallery in the world. It exhibits coins, drawings, paintings, sculpture and other works of art from all over the world and Europe most especially. If someone is looking for an educational and entertaining experience then this is a place to beat.

The botanical garden used to be the king's garden housing his botanical collection in the 1800's. In 1981, it was opened to the public as a public garden amassing large amounts of visitors every year. It houses different species of plants all to the enjoyment of plant and nature lovers.

The Royal Palace is, for me, the place to be in Madrid. It is living proof of the power that was Spain and also houses the king and his future successors. It is strategically located in Madrid the capital of Spain as a symbol of the cities autocratic rule.

The same as Barcelona, hotels in Madrid are also abound.

For a truly satisfying visit in Spain, let us all visit the said tourist spots.

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