Thursday, October 11, 2007

Carting at its Best

I am very fond of shopping online. Apart from not going through the hassle of personally looking for an equipment and asking a sales representative regarding a product's features, the coveted object is delivered right through your doorstep should you opt for delivery (which I do).

The greatest dilemma by far when visiting websites is its being user-friendly. Some sites require you to click on several things before you can even reach the order page. What if you got faulty Internet connection or worse, the connection just freezes? you'll be left wasting an awful amount of time without even getting the most out of it.

As I was browsing through the Internet, I chanced upon this new shopping cart by Ashop. It is a highly specialized ecommerce software or shopping carts, enabling new or established businessmen a better way of augmenting their online sales.

Ashop is connected with all major banks including third party money processing companies such as Paypal.

This foe sure is a perfect venture for an online sales website I plan to have in the near future. They even offer their very own security mechanism integrated in the future website one plan to have. That seals the deal for me!

If I were in a business, I should include this Ashop shopping cart in my ventures because its all worth it.

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