Friday, October 5, 2007

Corazon Aquino a Sl*t?

My newfound friend and fellow blogger, PARISUKAT of told me that another famous show American "satirical" TV show - "The Daily Show", has made yet another infuriating remark on a well-respected Filipino icon: former President Corazon Aquino.

In this particular episode, a segment involving Samantha Bee discusses the likelihood of having a first female American President (referring to former first lady Hilary Clinton). In allusion, they had to illustrate pictures of other women leaders including Margaret Thatcher of Britain, Golda Meir of Israel and our very own Corazon Aquino. Whether done inadvertently or for purposes of entertainment and comedy, they Mrs. Aquino's photograph had the word "Sl*t" beneath it.

Firstly, I find this utterly anti-women. The segment itself showed their disregard of a woman's competence as leader focusing on the behaviors people find characteristic yet comical about women. Was this an effort to somehow mask a direct tirade on Mrs. Clinton? They may not be pleased of Senator Clinton's intent for the Presidency but they should realize that the other women they are lambasting have contributed much to their respective countries and to democracy in general. After all, America is supposed to be a beacon of democracy; therefore, allowing anybody could run for president should she meet the qualifications and requisites. In this case, they have lost the true essence of democracy, which is respect. I find theirs as the say-what-you-want-do-what-you-want-even-at-the-expense-of-others type of democracy.

If they do not want a woman president, they could very well avert that by not rooting for her in their forthcoming elections. It is acceptable to openly voice out what you want but never at the expense of others and for this issue, a highly respected person.

This sick and very low joke should not proliferate any further. Desperate Housewives has done enough of damage. The last thing we (Filipinos) would want is another American Show ridiculing us.

Enough said.

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