Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bloggerwave - A New Revolution

With the advent of online blogging, opportunities for earning have sprouted left and right. Who wouldn't want to earn while doing their passion, right?

I have been writing for the most part of my life but stumbled upon blogging just about recently. I have read some online journals stating the marketability of earning via blogs and since then , I have joined the bandwagon.

I happen to come across about bloggerwave via another famed blog. She mentioned that it was one of the newer blogging-for-pay sites. In fact, their job opportunities pay $10 on the minimum - a very competitive price for such a cut-throat industry. So, I readily applied in the hopes of having my two-month old blog approved. True enough, after two days, I was not disappointed. They have accepted my blog and response was quicker than lightning. So here I am, writing my very first post for them.

I am yet to test whether they pay on time but basing on the comments of fellow bloggers I have read, they are very prompt on that matter.

To end, I am encouraging fellow bloggers to give it a try. Approval system is fast and easy and paying system is prompt. We are all in a win-win situation!


john said...

i think ill give this a try, though my reasons for blogging don't involve earning money, well its money and we all need it. :)

john said...

btw, i put you on my links, i hope you don't mind. :-)

Makoy said...

Is it just the same with Payperpost?

The Rainmaker said... long as money is involved, I'm in.

JOSH said...

Now this post is interesting! :) err, can we have more than one blogging-4-pay-sites in thing in a blog? :)