Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Mind of An Alcoholic

Away from the rustle and bustle of the city, I confine myself in the refuge of my home. Here, I woke up to the twittering birds of the morning, to the soothing feel of the morning dew and to gracious smell of home-cooked meals.

I would have been totally satisfied except that every day of my stay, I wake up to the scent of tequila, vodka and oh my favorite whisky. My mind fights the thought of getting drunk again but sobering up is just as hard here as it has always been in the city. Constant temptation are abound and who am I not to fall for them.

I am surrounded with reminders that I am as weak as a newborn child, vulnerable and easy prey. Can anybody help me? Can anybody save me from drowning into total delirium?

I guess no one can. I am but my own ally and it is I who can guard this slowly crumbling life of mine.

P. S. Vodka, Tequila and Whisky are our dogs and this is just a work of literature. Hehehe...The writer in me just wants to scribble this down.

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