Saturday, October 20, 2007

How Could they?

Yesterday, I was in the middle of watching a movie when a friend of mine texted me not to got to malls or LRT just yet. He was mentioning a death of 8 people in a bombing that happened in glorietta.

True, when the movie was finished, I heard news after news of the accounts of the events in Makati. The bombing left at least 8 people dead and hundreds more injured. Such a sad, sad occurrence especially that the Christmas season is coming up.

Many theories have surmounted regarding the alleged bombing. First of which is that it was caused by an LPG leak from a restaurant's kitchen. Such a preposterous assumption. The gravity of the incident should never be downplayed in order for the incompetent police force's not to look bad? Call that wake up call for the police years of slumber! Does it really have to take a graver tragedy before they do their jobs?

Second theory was that the government was behind the bombings. True or not, the government is to be blamed. If they should have stopped bickering and instead focused on far more important things such as heightening the security, terrorist acts like this would have been averted!

To the citizens, no one else should look out for our own safety than ourselves. For now, let us avoid going to public places becuase we can never say when the perpetrators of such horrendous acts would strike again.

Note: Thanks to Anitokid for the picture.

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THE ANiTOKiD said...

You're welcome kabayan! And thank you GMANewes.TV!

The theories you've mentioned as the same talk I hear from people on the streets. A quick update on the news shows that the police have failed to find traces of explosives or components of such? However, the day after the explosion, somebody from the PNP crime lab highlighted the discovery of C4 components at the site. Now what gives? Hmmmmm.