Saturday, October 6, 2007

Resident Evil Never Fails Me Part 1

I am not particularly engrossed with science fiction movies. Apart from the fact that most of them are blasphemous and atheistic, there plotlines are mostly permeated with violence and disrespect for life and property. However, I must admit that few exceptions tickle my fancy making me go past this preoccupation and generalization. These include The Matrix Trilogy, Resident Evil Series, and Transformers among others.

A week ago, the third installment of the Resident Evil has officially hit local theatres. I would have loved to watch it on the very first day of its showing but I was literally penniless at that moment. In fact, I had to search for friends to lend me their extra cash because no matter how much I rummage through my stash for extra coins, I cannot seem to find any.

A week later, my delayed allowance has finally arrived so off we go (my friends and me) to SM Cebu because it is the least expensive of all Dolby Theatres in Cebu.

The central theme is still concentrated on the massive spread of the virus because of the Umbrella Corporation’s inability to contain it. The whole world has been infected and infested with walking zombies with an appetite for human flesh.

As the movie progressed, I was relieved to note that a few more antagonists have joined our heroine (Mila Jovovich) in her crusade to have the perpetrator of the viral pay for making her the guinea pig of their experiment. This time she has developed extra-human powers including telekinesis apart from the superhuman agility, speed and martial arts technique. However, she is still under the control of the company’s power satellite. They have the luxury of turning her on to feast their eyes on her abilities or power her off to allow the humans to fall prey to the millions of carnivorous half-deads.

Of course, as expected, our protagonists have dwindled in number towards the end of the movie. Some turned into zombies themselves and the others sacrificed their lives to save the far more uninfected persons they protect in their convoy. However, because of the fact that our heroine has been tracked, when they reached Las Vegas in the hopes of replenishing their diminishing resources, they are faced with an insurmountable amount of half-deads, eventually leading to deaths of some protagonists.

To Be Continued...

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