Friday, October 5, 2007

30 minutes of 90's cartoons

Far from the very serious tones in my previous posts, I am grateful to be able to relive my past as a child who enjoys the numerous cartoons shown on TV.

I am born in the 80's but I really came to love cartoons to the core in the 90's. By that time, I was not solely dependent on what the moving caricatures depict. I could now comprehend the dialogues, integrate them with the current storylines and make predictions of future episodes. I anticipate the chance that somehow my predictions, out-of-this-world at times, are fulfilled if not somewhat correct. I was not only visually involved but also intellectually.

In addition, the 90’s offered a whole lot of improvement in the technical aspect. The once obvious 2D drawings are now full life with 3D application.

In memory of those times, I present thirty minutes of unadulterated 90’s cartoons. Let us all enjoy.

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