Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jessica Alba's Blind?

Can you imagine this lovely bombshell totally dependent on a walking stick while traversing busy streets?

I can't but she will be. Following the theatrical success of the Ring series, another horror flick from Asia is about to have its Hollywood remake. Originally done by the Pang brothers of Thailand, "The Eye" revolves around a young lady's quest to correct her congenital blindness.

After a successful surgery and while coping with the new-found light, she is no longer privy to the colors that surrounds her. But only with a twist, she sees death literally. She gets a glimpse of soul keepers guiding the dead people to their new home and worse, she is haunted by ghosts with unfinished businesses.

Interesting enough? It never gets better! Jessica Alba stars as the young blind woman. And its coming soon in theatres.

Can't wait to see it via the big screen. I loved the original version.


Aice said...

I have added your link too check it out at

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john said...

just recalling 'the eye' is giving me goosebumps.. yay.... best horror film i've ever seen... btw, jessica alba in that movie? that is hot.. LOL.. :P

arjay said...

speaking of remakes, may update ka tungkol sa "sigaw" remake ng hollywood starring Iza Calzado?