Saturday, October 20, 2007

Celebrities are Human too

In her show last October 16, Ellen deGeneres was brought into tears when apparently, the agency who gave her the dog "Iggy" for adoption took the poor animal back because of the former's infraction of their rules. A case of pure ignorance of the law I must say.

Ellen, upon bringing the new pet home, discovered that said dog never got into good terms with her cats. In the spirit peace, she decided to give the dog to one of her staffs in order to provide a home for it and in turn, a family who will love and care for it. It stayed for a few days with her staff and became somewhat attached to two lovely little girls. Inadvertently, Ellen broke one of the rules of the Pet Agency who rescued the dog. A foster home (If that's what you may call that) is not allowed to give the pet to another home. But she did!

The agency took the dog back, maybe with force I must say, breaking the hearts of the young girls. That's why, Ellen, human as she is, begged on national TV in her show for the Pet Agency to give the dog back.

This just goes to show that celebrities are human too. we often think that they disregard feelings because of their status but as it turns out, they are capable of caring as much as most of us normal people can.

Update: It was in the news that this issue is going to be brought to court.

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