Friday, November 2, 2007

Who is Inday?

Out of nowhere sprouted a young and new champion of the masses. She possesses the eloquence of a royal princess, the grace of a prima-ballerina and the intelligence of Einstein. Who would have expected that a house help (often ridiculed for not having mastered tagalog after being shipped from the province) would rise up to the challenge, speak four languages and even beat Katrina Halili as the sexiest woman of the world?

Well it happened and she has joined yet another medium - Blogging.

Catch her blog here.

1 comment:

JOSH said...

di ba c Inday yung nasa bubble gang? i just watched her kanina and she's so funny and indeed c katrina aka angelica (in Marimar) had a confrontation with bela aldama (marimar) and she now portayed as the one without breeding, hehehe (sori, kapuso kc me at i go gaga sa Phil version of Marimar and i am glad that the local version did not follow exactly thalia's!)

also, nilinked na rin kita! :)