Thursday, November 1, 2007


Lucky me, I have never had an encounter with the third kind, with creatures of the dark, with souls who stray due to unfinished businesses and other what have yous. I am fortunate but one of my friends is not.

In the spirit of the All Hallows Day, I am going to share one of her story.

As a child, they had yearly vacations to Zamboanga for family reunion on her paternal side. All cousins meet together and play in the ancestral house of her family. On one seemingly uneventful year (she was 6 or 7 then), she opted to stay upstairs instead of doing the usual mingling with relatives and other immediate family members.

While busying herself with playing on her own, she, quite inadvertently, chanced to gaze upon the open capiz window by the bedside. To her surprise, she saw a beaming figure of an old man smiling radiantly at her. Instead of getting scared, she curiously checked out the man because he looked utterly unfamiliar. She felt like there was a force of some sort drawing him to her. With her intent look, she examined the man's features: typical Spanish Mestizo about 70 years of age with a fair complexion and somewhat pointed nose. She thought maybe it was one of her relatives because of thier Spanish ancestry. As she pressed closer to ogle at him some more, she realized that somehow he was floating. Still it did not matter to her because it could very well be the usual finesse of second generation Spanish mestizos. An inch closer, she , finally, saw his feet and to her horror, he was indeed suspended in the midair. She was stuck for a moment consumed by surmounting fear and overwhelming confusion. Sweats have started to trickle on her young forehead. In minutes, it was pouring like a pounding rain. When she came back to her senses, he was still there - still beaming, still smiling. With all the energy she could muster, she ran as fast as she could and traversed 20 steps of the stairways in split seconds. She did not realize she could even do that but heck, she'll go as far as where the man is that moment.

With her panting like a dog, she reached the sala. Her relatives were somehow unmindful of the obvious fear in her face. They did not seem to show the littlest of concern.

One even said, "Ingon ana jud na siya day. Imo tong lolo. Namatay siya before paka nataw." (He's always as playful as that. He is your grandfather. He died before you were even born)

And it was the beginning of her numerous encounters with the unknown. She has grown used to it that even their anguish, their moans, and their pleadings for help didn't scare her anymore.

Note: I am happy I am not one of those who has an opened third eye. The scariest of my encounters was when a big brown moth flew by me on the same day my own lolo was to be buried. I was not able to attend the interment because of pre-scheduled things to be done in school.


Agring said...

Everyone has their own belief and I for one doesn't believe in such thing. When a person is dead it remains dead. A mind is a very powerful brain. When you want something to believe it will happen.

Re: Bisaya ko taga Davao.
Wala lagi fill-form imo tagboard?

Avee said...

Hi Rey, peopplesupport makati ako dati. anong call center ka? Bakit pala di ko maaccess ang tag board mo?