Saturday, November 3, 2007

Just Your Opinion Please

I did not really plan to change my name. I mean, not at least this soon. But my goofy friend Fer Bert, out of sheer initiative I guess, was sensitive (?) enough to come up with a new monicker for me.

Most of my blogging friends know me as crazed_heck. As I have mentioned in my blogville, heck is my operative word. This is because heck does not necessarily imply something negative but can also mean way positive. In short, I'm being safe. Maybe one of the few times I have been in middle.

Now for the nick, he got it from my favorite expression. Thus, he quite amusingly labeled me HECKTOR. I find the name a been goony ( yung parang sa goon sa movie if there is even a word) and mysterious (reminds me of Beast in the fairy tale).

I ask you all my friends, is it befitting me? All comments are appreciated.


Wena said...

Rey, u got tagged ... kindly hop by my blog to see it ... ingatz po lagi

bananas said...

hecktor? how does it sound? murag lover nga brute nga sweet nga kiat nga...kato.hehehe

bananas said...

hecktor? how does it sound? murag lover nga brute nga sweet nga kiat nga...kato.hehehe

Aleli said...

hhhmmm...HECKTOR.. when i was in college, i was working with the theater staff team.. and our Professional Director, was fond of using that name on major productions..

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

what the hecktor? :D just kidding.

i agree though, hecktor sounds a tad personal. a little revealing, but not much of a give-away, you know what i mean.

if you're into the "i-have-to-make-tago-something" about my personality, crazed_heck would be lovely.

either way, i wish you best. :-)

john be anonymous said...

nice, very manly, naalala ko tuloy 'yung sinisigaw ni Brad Pitt sa Troy, Hecktor ata 'yun.. hehe..

Eminemz said...


hehehe bagay!!


""rare jonRez"" said...

yoo haa!!!!

HECKTOR!!!! whatta heck?! ganda! like it! hehe... regards!


oh well, i just love it, go go go hecktor^&^

Fer Bert said...

i told you... tignan mo dame nag-agree!

Bea said...

hi rey! linked you up :)

Daniel Yuson said...

parang goon nga ang tunog..!
sumasabog siya..!

Ubermensch said...

HEcktor!wow sabaw!
hmmmm.. lami sya paminawon...
lalaki kaayo..

go for it and the stars will bow on you!

you can beat achilles by that name!