Thursday, November 22, 2007

Three Days of Darkness Part 1

Except for the torrential rains crashing through our roof, Monday, November 19, would have proved to be uneventful (you just don’t know what eventful to me is).

It was more than the usual morning- at least so I thought. I fought the lingering thought of not going to duty (as part of my RLE requirements) drawing me into what seemed like a tug-of-war. Again, the good student in me prevailed and despite the not so favorable weather conditions, I proceeded to ready myself for 8 hours of bout with my Pediatric clients.

Every minute preparing was spent in torment as the rain never ceased - continuously pouring, shouting its presence. Yet my Mom - ever supportive she has been - even afforded me with various options on how to get passed the rising water about a hundred meters from where we live. She said I could just wear shorts in the meantime in order not to soil my all-white nursing uniform. She made sense so I surrendered -every thought of continuing to stick myself to bed amidst the cold season.

True enough; a welcome transportation came to view. An ever-reliable habal2x driver was cruising towards us. Alas, I was safe from the knee-level water. Swiftly and quite hastily, I donned my uniform upon reaching level ground (minus the mud of course). I was rearing to leave but commuting is never easy during rainy days.

Patiently, I waited, checked every available mode of transportation that traversed the wet road, and waited still. Luckily, a ride was in view and the rain momentarily stopped. Lucky break for me or so I thought.

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arjay said...

woh. sana ok lang mo diha rey. mao diay murag dugay-dugay kang wala nakapost. baha na diha? pag-bantay sa mga deadly butete. hehe