Sunday, November 11, 2007

Nikki Gil and the Toyo Boys

Do you remember the commercial that made Nikki Gil a household name? The one where she is strutting down the street distributing coke bottles to almost everyone she meets?

Remember that commercial that because of fighting over pancit canton, 2 barkadas would have done the most awkward and embarrassing thing they'll ever do in both of their lives?

Lets enjoy it once more!


zeus-zord said...


another funny commercial.


and about niki hil

well, she got famous because of that commercial.
well somehow...

berg said...

i had such a huge crush on nikki gil when this coke commercial came out haha! i remember the days *sigh*. i find that many of the coke commercials are quite memorable... remember 'ito ang beat sabay sabay...'? lol