Friday, November 2, 2007

A Potent Cure for Those Days

Hahahaha. Parang brand ng sanitary pad ang title ko.

There are those days when you wake up and you are pissed like you've never been pissed in your whole life. With easy provocation, you could possibly toast anyone as if you could breathe fire through your nose. The feeling of blood rising as fast as the mercury on any gauge drives you into cussing at the slightest mistakes, at your neighbors who despite this early has found the guts to sing their hearts out in full volume (sa bohay kong itu!, i would have laughed my head off on a normal day if I heard this), at your dog for greeting you good morning and at just about anything.

Instead of sulk and be consumed with anger, I visited the website of one wacky friend. True to any testament, a good laugh would wear away any traces of one's sour mood. At least for me it did. I am now able to perform my activities of daily living (nurse po ito dapat ADL's talaga). I have managed to let free the wrath that has been slowly consuming me. So now, I am up and about, ready to face the world with a renewed mood.

Salamat Pareng Fer Bert!



hi crazed_heck.. tnx sa comment. natuwa naman ako kc parang brigade, kung kalaban ng isa, parang kalaban na rin ng lahat? lol..(wawang matanda) .. anw, nurse k?

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

hi crazed heck! thanks for the visit!! :-)

having those "worse morning awakenings" again? try sipping some chamomile tea. it might calm the nerves.

just kidding.

what did you do naman kasi last night? ;) hahaha. but yeah, those videoke-addicted neighbors are the worst... they're just uhm, annoying. hehehe...

hope ur having a great weekend!

Fer Bert said...

IM SPEECHLESS! i wanna cry... thank you.. thank you...thank you...


xienahgirl said...

meron na naman
akong nakilalang
nurse na blogger.
dumadami na kayo ah?
salamat sa comment.

at nga pala--
kayong mga lalake
dinadatnan din ng period.
topakk niyo.
tsk tsk

Wonder Hobbit said...

Hi! Nakita ko yung comment mo sa cbox ng blog ko. Thank You. Link kita?

Nguyễn Phương Như said...

uhm. I can use your chat box for quick comment. Hic, there isn't "message" part for me to write. My English isn't very good. So, may be you can't understand what I mean.^^