Sunday, November 11, 2007

Who Is Alice Kalabaw?

As I have said before, I have this innate talent of making weird code names for people. They maybe people I am close to, people I am annoyed with or just random people who tickle my fancy.

In our class, I have a new classmate. She is maybe in her early 30's, voluptuous to so me point, loud as a stereo in full volume and utterly annoying. I would have not minded her because we merely are classmates and do not co-exist. In short, we do not talk, not even acknowledge each other.

One day, while we were discussing kinky stuffs about nursing (anatomy and sex, anyone?), she quite unceremoniously burst out into what seemed like a tantrum. in all her booming voice's glory, she animatedly giggled and wailed liked a hungry carabao calling out for food. She went into a fit of convulsion-like trance, anyone would have gone to the nearest pharmacy to get her a dose of Carbamazepine should she not have recovered. Thankfully, her tet spell proved to be short-lived and the rude person in me can't help but laugh my head off. She looked ridiculous and atypical of her age on top of being very carabao-like.

What the heck just happened? Is she Crazy? I don't know and don't have plans to find out!

Now ask me, who is Alice Kalabaw? Well, you just got your answer!

See you around Alice K!

Note: THese are mere products of my imagination and any reference to real life is but a mere coincidence.

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