Sunday, November 11, 2007

One for the Prelims

I am very expressive by nature (madaldal in short, negative kc yung connotation ng talkative). I speak my mind, I am very spontaneous. In fact, I may come off as blunt but rather than please you, I tell you what you need to know. Honest to some point, I guess.

However, last week was probably one of the worst testing weeks I have been through. My subjects produced lots of notes to study. I practically read, in estimation, about 200 pages of book pages with the minutest of letters. On top of that, I had the worse headache of my life which turned out to be error of refraction ( An eye problem which will require me to wear corrective glasses). True to every student, I studied. I mean I crammed. That's my style. I study the night before or hours before my scheduled test. It has been working for me the past years but the downside is, I only get to use what I studied for one time. There is lesser retention.

On the first day, my test was easy. It only had 15 numbers of multiple choice that were so easy you'd flunk only if you did not read the notes. The rest of the test was another three essay questions.

On a normal day, I would have loved essay questions. That day was different, with an aching eye making the testpaper a bit blurry, the least I would want is test requiring me to write and write. It my strain my eyes all the more. But who am I to complain? The worse part of it, it continued until the last day of exams. All with essays, all requiring long answers.

My eyes grew tired of it that I passed all papers without rereading my answers. I guess I just have to keep my fingers crossed!


Heart of Rachel said...

Hope your Prelims went well.

Daniel Yuson said...

the profs who gave essay test must be commended..!
yun ang trend ngayon..!
bawal na nga dapat ang mga multiple choice and ennumeration type..!
pero knowledge lang ang tine test nun..!
essay type tests fall under the higher order thinking skills..!
saludo ako sa prof mo...
pero naawa ako sa iyo..!
okay ka na ba..?

Jay said...

Oi tol... Hehe... Sori ngaun lang nakadalaw.. Busy rin kasi ako sa skul.. Hehehe.. By the way, hindi ko binura ung link mo sa blogroll ko.. By random kasi ung mga link na lumalabas dun.. Hehehe.. oi, Salamat sa pagbisita always.. hahaha.. oo smorty to sya.. hehehe.. maau nalang sad makakwarta pud ta gamai.. hehehe.. kaw kumusta life?

ayo ayo