Saturday, September 1, 2007

Naga City, Cebu?

First of all, I do not claim to be a bureaucratic guru to know about the advantages of Naga's conversion into a city. Trust me, I know the least!
I am making this blog entry solely as a private citizen of the town who has spent practically all of my life here. This quaint town has had its share of development - it boasts of 3 gigantic Power Plants generating a suitable income for a simple town to thrive. Its town proper is infiltrated with numerous building establishments - although not multinational corporations - but enough to quench the needs of the citizens. The townsfolk has had decent jobs - thanks to the abovesaid power plants and its proximity to Cebu City ( a 45-minute PUJ ride for those who are unaware).
Generally, I am happy the way things are right now.
With the upcoming buzz of its cityhood and the scheduled plebiscite tomorrow, the big question is: Will I vote yes?. Honestly, no I am not. I cannot sacrifice the peace of mind I have everytime I stroll its somewhat busy streets (lawless individuals are bound to appear, you see). I could never allow more pollution to its surrounding seas (only source of income for Fishermen), to its somewhat fresh air and to its provincial feel in general.
When I am in Naga, I feel like I am in another world: no traffic congestion, lush greens abound, and home does feel like home.
I know I am but one vote. My writing this would never stop whatever the result would be tomorrow. Still, I am happy. I've made my stand and I will not vote.

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