Sunday, September 9, 2007

My Kind of "Ideal"

I once said to a friend, I do not believe in an ideal person to love. You might as well marry or be in a relationship with a God before your ideal person's proximity becomes clear in your horizon. Sometimes, our minds play tricks on us that even fictitous thoughts buried deep in our subconcious rule over what is supposed-to-be sane and real. There is never a perfect person- only humans with flaws and shortcomings.
Despite that, still, anyone would want the best person to play the other half in the beautiful love story they'd want to be brewing- perhaps, the apt cream to their unique coffee. But the sad part of it is that the luxury of choice has never made itself available to love. You do not choose who you'd fall for. Love is never multiple choice or matching type but merely trial and error. It randomly strucks and when it does, you single-handedly face it head-on. You'd be lucky come out of it with simple bruises and cuts but more often than not, it results to pain and tears (never mentioning it is unreciprocated at times).
Now, if I am asked what my ideal person would be, I'd say that would be anybody who comes my way. She may fell short from my standards but if she evokes an emotion deep-rooted and genuine from me, I'd take her as she is. For me, love is growing together despite being two different individuals. In the end, I could always only hope for the best and expect the worse.
Ikaw, what is your kind of ideal?

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lee said...

hhhmmmmm. would you take me as I am? hehe.
Seriously, I've thought of this just recently, one can never get his/ her perfect better half... may it be the tall-dark-and-handsome prince or the beautiful-long-haired-sexy chinita... there would be something missing in the equation or even the exact opposite of what you've wanted. But somehow, no matter what fault one may find, you'd still find yourself unconditionally loving that person. It is with those differences/ imperfections that one finds the excitement in the relationship.
haaay. Love moves in mysterious ways. hehehehe