Friday, September 28, 2007

Siamese Turtles?

I was browsing through my yahoo mail when this news caught my attention. It is currently displayed in the yahoo webpage.

Who would have thought that despite the advancing age of technology, in a world where simple pictures are altered and airbrushed, a magnificent wonder of nature would sprout?

In the simple town of Norristown, Pennsylvania, a conjoined or siamese turtle with two heads, two pairs of legs and a single tail is on display at a local petshop. Call it proof that nature will find its way to make its wonders be known!

I just can't help but post it. Hope you enjoyed!


aoshi said...

oooiiiii... baby mutant ninja turtle.. eheheheheh.

paano mag-pupu?

Jaren said...

ooohh... that's a cute turtle, I wonder what it would look like when it grows up.. :)

parisukat said...

Wishing you a great october now that september is ending. :D