Thursday, September 27, 2007

open response to a comment

@aoshi: Who says its over? Girl, it's just starting. hehe. Don't worry, I'll try my best to take care of your friend.

To rey, my silence over your post doesn't indicate my lack of feeling/s. But rather, the flow of thoughts and emotions were just overwhelming. Simply put, I miss you too.

Five Days

Five days I woke up with you by my side
Five days was spent in blissful surrender
Five days was real, we had nothing to hide
Five days left us a gift, something to ponder
At first you were hesitant... a cloud of doubt
A pillow you've placed to protect you from me
Take it off, no more fight, embrace what its all about
I'll take you places, you've dreamed to see
Your warm breath on my nape, shivers to my spine
Butterfly kisses, planted on my back
An embrace telling, I am yours, you are mine
And a kiss on my lips, sealed all that is divine
Five days past, we had to say good bye
Five days past, all we had to do was smile
Five days past, with this mem'ry, we'll get by
Five days past, we'll walk hand in had through the mile...

Mish u teddy bear!

(madami pa dapat kasunod, pero baka censored na, hahaha)

I appreciate the fact that despite your very busy schedule, you have managed to post a comment on what I have written. Alam ko halos tulog-opisina-bahay ka nalang.

Know this, there was never a day that i don't think of you, never a minute that i don't feel the surge in my stomach because i remember you, never a second of longing to somehow turn back time and make that five days last till my breaths fail me. I miss you lee-an and I always will.

For now, i will satisfy myself with as a simple token from you. I will long for the day that you'll be back in Cebu.

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aoshi said...

I look forward to your return as well lee-ann, you must be a very special person to have this effect on my friend. Hope to meet you soon.

Take care of yourself because somebody’s counting on your safe return. ;)