Sunday, September 30, 2007

80's cartoon mania

We may very well remember the 80’s for those colorful tops and bottoms, hairdo’s that go wherever, and “That’s entertainment”.

However, in the eyes of a child who was born in that decade, cartoon characters are far more memorable. Who would forget He-Man, She-Ra or the Ghostbusters?

These cartoons may be low-budgeted compared to the digital animation of current years but still, they remind us that once in our life we were children who would want to be our a He-Man or a She-Ra – our very own superheroes.

Let us savor the nostalgia and satisfy ourselves with what the 80’s has offered and we have come to enjoy.

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berg said...

bogo-a nako sa una oi, karon pako karealize nga sister diay ni He-man si She-ra haha. hello rey, o bisaya sad ko :P sige ex links!