Friday, August 31, 2007

High School and Today

My high school days have been the best days of my life's unpredictable unfolding. Despite the drama and the comedy surrounding it, I've had friendships kept, achievements to be proud of and most of all, lessons learned.
When I think back about my classmates, I ask myself what has happened to them? Are they the same individuals I've spent four years with? Of course, they aren't! So here are some updates based on what I know and what I've heard of...
Mary Jesseth - She dons a new last name. You heard me right, she is happily married- just this year- with a baby on the way or already out ( not quite sure!).
April Marie - Now, she teaches English at Mary Help of Christians School.
Melanie - Last I know, she's working somewhere in Banilad after finishing Accountancy.
Ernalie - I don't know much except that she is happily in a relationship. (Check her friendster).
Richelle - Currently, she is studying in CIT taking up Nursing.
Janice - She is working in Western Watts.
Danmar - I really have no idea.
Jelda - For sure, she has graduated Architecture from CIT. Apart from that, I do not have news.
Jofel Ann - I once saw her in SM. She is happy and healthy.
Marylou - She is in Accenture Manila.
Marichris - She just took the NCLEX. I am keeping my fingers crossed and I hope she passed it.
Maharlika - She is also working in Western Watts.
Cleofe - She is in Accenture Manila. Two years and going strong with her baby ( boyfriend!)!
Krisa - After a year plus in Western Watts, she has transferred to Lexmark. She is also in a long-term relationship with his bubu (boyfriend).
Duwan - She has been with Chinabank-Mandaue after graduating from college.
Cora - You'll be surprised at how prim and proper this spunky teacher has turned into.
Lavetta - She is an ESL teacher in Mabolo.
Hanna - At Mactan Doctors Hospital, she is an ER nurse.
Jerrielou - After the 2006 Nursing leakage hiatus, she now teaches at a Korean School in Lahug.
Emily - She is working in Taiwan with 3 years more in her contract.
Zyra - After two weeks in Singapore, she now works in Xlibris.
Eushemini - She's taking up her Masters in USJR and at the same time, works in Convergys.
Hannie - She is an Assistant Head Teacher in a Korean school in Lahug.
Gretchen - She is a full-time mom with two kids.
Remus - Last news was he graduated from CITE and has a gf.
Reymond - He took the Nursing Board Exam last December. As for the results, I got no idea.
Carlou - Yup, he graduated from the "Academy" and is now onboard an international ship.
Antonio - He is also onboard an international ship.
Julius - Baby number 2 on the way. He has a very cute baby boy as his first child.
Our classmates for a year or so:
Mafe - She is working in People Support.
Joanna - She is in Etelecare.
P.S. I know I lack a few names. These are the people I simply or intentionally forgot. Do remind me!
Again, what is written here may not be necessarily true anymore.

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fReYa said...

hi rEY, thanks for ur blog coz thru ds i was able 2 knw sOme updates of our hi-skul clasm8s.! Upon knwing what they are nw makes me feel happy coz almost all of us are about 2 meet what we want n lyf. It's nice to know that despite of the hardships we encountered during hi-skul days(homework in all subjects,projects 2 pass on time, daily exams, memorize here and there, etc.)we surpassed those days with pride and of course valued the lessons we've got.I know people are getting busier with different stuffs to do at the moment..but I just do hope that we can still have time to hang out together and reminisce the happy moments we've shared. Missin ol d batchmates! sarang hae yo chingus..mwaahhh...!