Sunday, August 26, 2007

At LonG lasT

After what has been an all-nighter (stuck at home with nothing to do!), at exactly this time-five minutes to 1PM- i am struggling to keep my weary eyes open, my sanity's on the brink of total oblivion and my thoughts are entangled with something from a cosmos way farther than my imagination would or could fathom. Yet here I am: still pushing, still blogging.
BUT now, I decide to rest (hopefully, not for good!) and content myself with the comforts brought about by three most unlikely allies: my blanket-the only protection from the swarming, blood-sucking mosquitoes ready to feast at my tired self, my pillow- my girl, my lover and my friend rolled into one lifeless companion and our sofa- the refuge that would lull me into somewhat a sense of security.
Enough said, bye for now!
Necesito dormir!

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