Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Sudden Shift from Having a Job to just Being a Plain Student

Admit it, most of us go to college in hopes of somehow finding a decent paying job in the future. But what if you get the random chance of juggling the two? Do you think you would have succeeded? Do you reckon yourself passing subjects in flying colors? Would you have excelled in one without sacrificing the other?
As for me, I had dreadfully passed my time doing both. At night, I am as we aptly term it "call boy". I've rendered services for Americans needing help over the phone, may it be: paying for their phone account, activate their newly-bought phones among others. It was hard enough to cater to at least fifty calls a day for customers with various problems. They range from irate to nice (on very special cases only!). After that, weary and tired that I've become after a long graveyard shift, I sleep a little and head on for school. I hurdle nursing subjects during most part of the day.
When I get home, I sleep yet again and after a few hours or so, I wake up and get ready for work. In an hour, I am back again taking calls for the company I represent.
True enough, compensation was good. I got to get hold of a succint amount of money that most people my age would have never dreamed of ( I was 20 then!). But as for my grades, they drooped the same way my eyelids did at school. My attendance was almost up for being dropped and my projects were unfinished (thanks to the various help of true friends) if not undone.
I had to make my choice. I had to give up one thing!
In the end, I opted to finish schooling.


Anonymous said...

ansarap ng feeling nang may blog maski just starting pa...hehehehe...

elaine said...

ey crazy, we both had this.. we tried to joggle our job and our studies because we thought, we could.. if ever id be given a chance to take it all back, i wont be there, i mean i wont work and study. .. kakapoi ah.. feeling invincible man gud ko sauna..ikaw pud?? tan.awa cge lng ta pangrelease ug calls..

crazed_heck said...

yeah crazy...feeling superhero...mao na hapit mamatay...hehehehe..