Friday, August 31, 2007

High School and Today

My high school days have been the best days of my life's unpredictable unfolding. Despite the drama and the comedy surrounding it, I've had friendships kept, achievements to be proud of and most of all, lessons learned.
When I think back about my classmates, I ask myself what has happened to them? Are they the same individuals I've spent four years with? Of course, they aren't! So here are some updates based on what I know and what I've heard of...
Mary Jesseth - She dons a new last name. You heard me right, she is happily married- just this year- with a baby on the way or already out ( not quite sure!).
April Marie - Now, she teaches English at Mary Help of Christians School.
Melanie - Last I know, she's working somewhere in Banilad after finishing Accountancy.
Ernalie - I don't know much except that she is happily in a relationship. (Check her friendster).
Richelle - Currently, she is studying in CIT taking up Nursing.
Janice - She is working in Western Watts.
Danmar - I really have no idea.
Jelda - For sure, she has graduated Architecture from CIT. Apart from that, I do not have news.
Jofel Ann - I once saw her in SM. She is happy and healthy.
Marylou - She is in Accenture Manila.
Marichris - She just took the NCLEX. I am keeping my fingers crossed and I hope she passed it.
Maharlika - She is also working in Western Watts.
Cleofe - She is in Accenture Manila. Two years and going strong with her baby ( boyfriend!)!
Krisa - After a year plus in Western Watts, she has transferred to Lexmark. She is also in a long-term relationship with his bubu (boyfriend).
Duwan - She has been with Chinabank-Mandaue after graduating from college.
Cora - You'll be surprised at how prim and proper this spunky teacher has turned into.
Lavetta - She is an ESL teacher in Mabolo.
Hanna - At Mactan Doctors Hospital, she is an ER nurse.
Jerrielou - After the 2006 Nursing leakage hiatus, she now teaches at a Korean School in Lahug.
Emily - She is working in Taiwan with 3 years more in her contract.
Zyra - After two weeks in Singapore, she now works in Xlibris.
Eushemini - She's taking up her Masters in USJR and at the same time, works in Convergys.
Hannie - She is an Assistant Head Teacher in a Korean school in Lahug.
Gretchen - She is a full-time mom with two kids.
Remus - Last news was he graduated from CITE and has a gf.
Reymond - He took the Nursing Board Exam last December. As for the results, I got no idea.
Carlou - Yup, he graduated from the "Academy" and is now onboard an international ship.
Antonio - He is also onboard an international ship.
Julius - Baby number 2 on the way. He has a very cute baby boy as his first child.
Our classmates for a year or so:
Mafe - She is working in People Support.
Joanna - She is in Etelecare.
P.S. I know I lack a few names. These are the people I simply or intentionally forgot. Do remind me!
Again, what is written here may not be necessarily true anymore.

Woefully Yours

My day is nowhere near great. My face is, once again, shoved by the fact that I am not as independent as I thought I was. True, I willfully do whatever I please without bounds but no matter how I dig deep into my pockets, all i can satisfy myself are a few pennies from last month's allowance.

It's sad enough that at 23, I am still a student- under the wings of my parents and shadowed by my brother's support. Worse part of it is when I am left helpless. I am supposed to work today for my Related Learning Experience but I wasn't able to because, unfortunately, my allowance is delayed.

If only I could work, if only being a nursing stude would have permitted me to.

Now, enough of my ranting. I just needed to let it out. Thanks!

P.I. over the Phone

I have worked in a call center before. Stress does come in the way that we forget even as simple a task as pressing the mute button. Imagine cussing your customer and have him hear it. Enjoy!

Would you resort to crying? Desperate times call for the lamest desperate measures. Hehehehe

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Going 90's (In Memory of Aianne)

I honestly thought that the song "When she cries" by Restless Heart was released sometime in the 80's. Of course, during that time, I wouldn't have cared less. My life would have then revolved around patintero, tagu-an and the likes.

Now for my friends entertainment, I share the song. Good day!

Btw, it ws released 1992. November 6 to be exact.

No Ordinary Love

While doing a crash browsing through youtube, I , by mere accident or what, stumbled upon this funny yet endearing video...Goes to show that love definitely moves in mysterious ways! Enjoy guys!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

At LonG lasT

After what has been an all-nighter (stuck at home with nothing to do!), at exactly this time-five minutes to 1PM- i am struggling to keep my weary eyes open, my sanity's on the brink of total oblivion and my thoughts are entangled with something from a cosmos way farther than my imagination would or could fathom. Yet here I am: still pushing, still blogging.
BUT now, I decide to rest (hopefully, not for good!) and content myself with the comforts brought about by three most unlikely allies: my blanket-the only protection from the swarming, blood-sucking mosquitoes ready to feast at my tired self, my pillow- my girl, my lover and my friend rolled into one lifeless companion and our sofa- the refuge that would lull me into somewhat a sense of security.
Enough said, bye for now!
Necesito dormir!

My virgin post on friendster

maybe you'd say i'm so full of myself but if you think about it i'm not...the reason behind this awful flapping of words is that my dreaded day is two weeks away...
it's makes me so f**ked up to think that i'll turn 23 and all that but, i have yet to finish college, my short-lived works are all in the bin and my lovelife is far from exciting...
i am but still the student who dutifully does what "normal" studes do...projects to pass, deadlines to make, and cut-offs to pull through.. of course, drinking binges on the side are welcome distractions.
i cannot say i am happy..or totally happy...i never imagined life would be this way at 23...i was expecting to have a decent job and provide for my folks are old and the longer i stay in this deep shi*, the longer are they unable to enjoy the fruits of years of hardwork and rearing... i am not the best son, never considered myself one, but i want a comfortable life my mama and papa rightfully deserve...
but maybe He has other plans for me? maybe i'm bound for bright future after all?
i know i still have tricks up my sleeve...i just hope that these mere tricks work...
life ain't easy but i know for sure, my family and my friends are there to back me way way up to where my dreams lie...
PS: next time i'll post my article when i was in high school...just in retrospection...hehehe

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Sudden Shift from Having a Job to just Being a Plain Student

Admit it, most of us go to college in hopes of somehow finding a decent paying job in the future. But what if you get the random chance of juggling the two? Do you think you would have succeeded? Do you reckon yourself passing subjects in flying colors? Would you have excelled in one without sacrificing the other?
As for me, I had dreadfully passed my time doing both. At night, I am as we aptly term it "call boy". I've rendered services for Americans needing help over the phone, may it be: paying for their phone account, activate their newly-bought phones among others. It was hard enough to cater to at least fifty calls a day for customers with various problems. They range from irate to nice (on very special cases only!). After that, weary and tired that I've become after a long graveyard shift, I sleep a little and head on for school. I hurdle nursing subjects during most part of the day.
When I get home, I sleep yet again and after a few hours or so, I wake up and get ready for work. In an hour, I am back again taking calls for the company I represent.
True enough, compensation was good. I got to get hold of a succint amount of money that most people my age would have never dreamed of ( I was 20 then!). But as for my grades, they drooped the same way my eyelids did at school. My attendance was almost up for being dropped and my projects were unfinished (thanks to the various help of true friends) if not undone.
I had to make my choice. I had to give up one thing!
In the end, I opted to finish schooling.