Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good Things Come in Small Packages

I have only been aware of Britain's Got Talent just recently when our very own, Madonna Decena, graced their stage and literally blew the judges away. Now, from a looks of it, the Filipina Diva has got herself a competition in the person of Charlie Green.

Charlie is a 10 year old boy and would you believe he likes the genre of Frank Sinatra and the likes. He is a product of a multicultural love between a Filipina who hails from my hometown CEBU and a Brit. Charlie is infectiously likeable more than his American Idol counterparts. Hopefully, he'll finish good in the competition if not win it all the way.

Looks like good things are bound to happen for Filipino talents abroad.

Thanks Starmometer for never failing to update us with wonderful news about Pinoys.

Charlie Green - Britain's Got More Talent
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Watch out for the Next Pinoy Breakout Star?

Britain's Got Talent made Simon Cowell a household name even before American Idol. Many have tried to get past him but failed. Some wept gallons of tears, some fell to their knees, some tried to smart talk him but all their efforts seemed a little futile.

In the newest edition of the show, a brave single mom named Madonna ( ironic isn't it?) Decena, who by the way is a Filipina, not only wowed him but also the unforgiving British crowd. Are we ready for the next FIlipina Breakout International Star? See for yourself. She could very well be very big as in humongous in the future.

Why Carly?

I admit I am not a big fan of her, but honestly, she sure got the most powerful voice in the competetion. She can belt out any note like nobody's business. She can take on any song as if it were her own. Sure, he may shriek like an angry banshee at times but she has delivered most of the times.

It just makes me really wonder why she was booted out of American Idol today?

Was it because of her lack of charisma with the viewing public?

Was it because of her released album that may have irked some fans deeming her overqualified to compete?

Was it a means of eliminating possible traps and competetions for the sure winner Archuleta?

Well, I could only surmise as much as anybody would. Needless to say, another plant in the competetion has been unrooted leaving us with limited choices.
What do you think?

Whatever Happened to Dawn and Angel?

Looks like Pantene is gearing towards younger but nonetheless, equally famous models. As of late, I have seen the new commercial and it now stars Judy Ann Santos and Claudine Barretto.

For me, nothing much has changed really. Except for the changes in the actors, Pantene has lived up to their advocacy towards celebrating beautiful Filipina women.

(Request po to ng kaibigan....Gotta give in...hehehe)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Could This be the Next Big Hit?

I do not necessarily watch tv. I could only do every so often especially when I am not really tired from all my nursing duties.

Yesterday was the start of a beutiful long weekend ahead. Of course, I took the most out of it and watched as much TV as I can. The newest season of the reality singing competition, Pinoy Dream Academy, is up and coming. I think it is due to start this June or much later.

They were in the middle of ointroducing some possible contenders when this guy sang this song: Mukha Kang Sofa.

Could this be another invasion of a literally unknown into mainstream pop culture of the Philippines? Is this going to be the next big novelty hit?

You be the judge.

New Coke Commercial

This is another beautiful concept from our advertising friends. Although some may disagree with as it may be a bit blasphemous, I find the cinematography and the execution well done.

I hope a lot of commercials of this caliber would be seen on the boob tube in the days, months and years to come.