Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Life in All its Splendid Glory

Before I even start ranting about how messed up my life is right now, I thank those who have sincerely missed me and my posts among many other things.

Just when I thought I had a blast in Manila, I had this very awful realization and revelation of some sorts that hit me so hard like magma slowly eating up my dry skin.

Due to the rarity of its occurence, I , quite hastily, took the earliest flight to Manila last Feb. 7. I had solid 5 days of non stop fun that even I have not recovered from fully just yet.

When I came back to Cebu, life seemed normal.


1. Being absent for my duty in a special area of psychiatric nursing would deem me up for a repeat rotation. This is due to the fact that I haven't been able to attend the orientation and next week would be the last week of the schedule.

Fuck 'em. Just when did this effing school follow rules and since when did they realize that nursing students would need to develop discipline? Not until today. Not until I had to be the victim of their inconsistencies and at most incompetence. I am a victim of circumstance and it's so effing unfair that a generally good student like me would end up suffering the consequences of some other student's misdemeanor.

And beat this, my boarlike RLE coordinator said to me, " I am a coordinator. I make schedules for everyone not personal schedules. I am nobody's personal secretary!".

Beat that! The nerve of her. Biatch!
But again I have to put up with that because after all, I am still in her crooked supervision. Dammit!