Monday, June 16, 2008

A Source of Pride and Jubilation?

It has almost been public knowledge that I have not finished college. Though I tried, it seems to have the penultimate power to free itself from my grasps.

Just last May 30, I graduated with a degree in Nursing. I thought to myself, finally, i can escape the premises of the classroom; my mama - as melodramatic as most moms are - can have her day to shed bucketfuls of tears and do her own little drama moment; and I can finally, look for work and be self-sufficient.

However, I tried to resist the idea of my family having a big celebration in honor of this graduation day. Trust me, I did all my best for it not to push through. I do not have to go through the details of it - I'm a theatre person and you know what we do. Hehe.

As you can see, my efforts were futile - so futile that our quaint little home has been swarmed with relatives, friends and neighbors eager to extend me their congratulations. Lots of kisses landed on my cheeks, lots of hand were offered to shake and lots of smiles and even, laughter thrown around the place on my behalf.

If I were 21 years old, I would have felt okay with it. However, I am years past the age of graduation. It can be a little awkward.

Through it all, I sported the best persona I can, smiling without any care in the world. Of course, who would not be happy of having a () GPA and a medal to boot.

After the smoke has subsided, the real task is finding the best job. I've been searching and constantly looking. There were sure shots; there were uncertainties. I am just waiting for my options to present themselves and choose the best career path.

Graduations are really surreal and ironic. Now, I know it.


Si Kaka said...

good luck to you on your endeavour, i hope you find the best job for you, i hope ituloy mo rin ang blogging mo, you should write more often of your personal accounts and im sure you'll have more followings, sayang talaga....all the best for you hecktor^^

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and goodluck on ur journey. :)