Sunday, June 15, 2008

Are Singing Contests in Doom?

Being a frustrated singer myself, I have constantly weighed in my mind whether to audition in the various TV shows offering to jump start anybody's career in singing. Aside from nationwide fame it brings, the pride of having to sing to wider audience showcasing the best vocal talent you currently have is in itself a great honor.

That is why, the Pinoy Dream Academy has always been lingering at the back of my mind. If not for the very hectic nursing schedule during the days of auditions, I would have mustered enough resolve and storm to the nearest audition venue possible. However, I did not because I did not have the luxury of time.

Of the recent developments, two scholars from Cebu have made it to the school for singers. Trust me, I am equally proud of them to have gotten that far.

But there are some questions I have long to ask about this talent search cum reality show.

I would have to put it off for some more days though. My mind is in a daze and I need to carefully collect my thoughts.

To be Continued...


Si Kaka said...

hi, mr. pogi, good to see your post again, i really like the way you write in english, it's brilliant, keep it up and can't wait to see for the continuation...

Anonymous said...

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