Thursday, December 6, 2007

Touch of Gratefulness

Never did it occur to me that in our alter world on blogosphere exists highly imaginative, creative and on top of it, generous bloggers who, out of their own way, create awards for some other blog.

Never was I aware of it. I am only blogging as a means of releasing my suppressed inner angst, my hilarious side that seldom appears, and to earn dollars when I can. I only was awakened when this hit me:

I wrote this particular article out of sheer frustration at how our political system and justice system are somehow intertwined in the most horrific of ways. The President has managed to let loose one of the guiltiest of criminals in exchange for support of her presidency. Erap's house arrest was in itself a great deal of comfort afforded to a ruthlessly corrupt politiko. From the looks of it, our dear madam President has deemed it not enough.

Anyhow, I am writing this article to thank the person who afforded me such honor. I am forever in your debt, Kris Canimo.

I am deeply touched by the gesture and may your kind proliferate more in this zone we call blogosphere.


Juz said...

congratz..u deserve it..hehehe ^_^

more wonderful posts to come ah!


thesocialcritic said...

haha, the moment i saw that post, i was like "woah, dabest!". keep bloggin, Philippines needs you. :)