Sunday, December 9, 2007

Marriage, Will I Ever Be Ready?

Time flies without us knowing. One day you are in high school - youthful, vibrant, innocent and unadulterated - the next thing you know, you are not as pure as you thought you were. The world has bruised you, flipped you over, turned your world upside down and changed you into a completely different person.

At 23, what have I accomplished? Is there more to me than what meets the eye? Am I ready to traverse deeper into the dark abyss called life? Am I emotionally mature?

Honestly, I do not know. But when news of my high school friends marriage reaches me, I can't help but ponder on things. Why so soon? Why them? Married life has taken its toll on my former classmates. We were 31 then and last check showed four about to have and having kids already, two more planning, and almost all of the others in a serious and committed relationship.

Today, news just came that someone very dear to me - one of my closest friends in fact - is going to get married at least within next year. She, quite impulsively, has succumbed to whirlwind of romance and resorts to get married.

But I ask you, is marriage really an answer to constantly bugging problem of singlehood? Is it a way out? Is it a way in? is it a way to make things better? IS twenty-three a good age? And the questions go on.

To my blogging friends, my wisdom has yet again failed me. I would love and appreciate your comments.


arjay said...

don't rush up on getting married. age doesn't indicate one's readiness for marriage. just take your time, you'll know when you're ready.

hindi porque't nagsipag-asawa na lahat ng mga kakilala mo ay obliged ka na ring mag-asawa agad. kanya-kanyang panahon lang yan.

Meryl said...

I think, some people who marries early thinks it's not a way in or a way out, rather it's the only way. Most of my friends who were already married did it because they're already pregnant.

You shouldn't marry just because you're twenty-three or because you're already left out. You should marry when you're ready. Don't hurry. :)

Anino said...

Laging tandaan "Ang pag-aasawa ay hindi parang mainit na kanin na matapos isubo at mapaso ay maaaring iluwa".
Corny ngunit totoo.

berglovespizza said...

don't use age as a determining factor on when you should get married, bai. let things take its due course... enjoy the process of collect-and-select hehehe. bitaw rey, i'm just as bummed as you are. i'm already 25 and i'm not ready yet. but i guess i should start thinking about it na because 30 is not far off.... i believe everyone has deemed that the cut-off age. waaaaah i'm not ready! hehehe

lordmanilastone said...

hi crazedheck, yes that is my experimental site actually, so far so good, tumatabo ang mga keywords ko sa title, hihihi, thanks for dropping by, yes sure you can link me up and i'd do the same, pero hindi ko ilalagay na kafatid ka ha? ang gwapo mo pa naman, at wag ka muna magpakasal, ok? hihihi, joke lang^^

my-so-called-Quest said...

in our age, getting married is the "in" thing. kasi most of them has an ongoing pregnancy and thought that its the "solution". most of my classmates are in a stable relationship as well, at ako, kakalabas lang dun. so just be ready for the right time and the right person. tama sila, age is not the mere basis for marriage. kahit ibang generation na tau, some of us still believe the sanctity of that union.

maturity is not also based on age. before i thought i was mature coz i'm living by myself, managing my bills, making decisions for myself. and knew i wasnt fully mature when i got through a situation last semester.

the set back of being single is feeling that u are alone (coz u have more time of thinking). that it feels like u r empty and day by day in need of that special someone to talk to. especially when ur really living by urself.

crazed_heck said... no plans of getting married soon...everything is all in reflection...apart from i dont have what i could call a legit partner, i too am a beleiver in the sanctity of marriage...its succinct that i learn from how each and every love story and married life of my contemporaries unfold.

for now, single blessednes is but my only choice...

recel said...

interesting post u have here. well, u have interesting posts most of the times actually!

anyway, i got married when i was 21. just a month after i graduated college. :D too early u might think (which is really is early), but it was a choice i and my partner did for our own sake. u see, we both believe that we ought to be together since we became switharts three years prior to our marriage and our relationship was tested with odds, perils, and miles of distance. marriage is a choice made of many reasons. but what would top those reasons must be love, faith and commitment. at such young age that i was, i knew i was ready for it. and with u someday, u will know too ur readiness! :)

btw, merry christmas to u my friend!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Rey. Best wishes to your friend.

Marriage is not something you rush into. Don't let it be an escape from problems. Enter into it when you are really ready and committed to a lifetime of love.

BTW, if you have time, hope you can do this tag. Thanks!