Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good Things Come in Small Packages

I have only been aware of Britain's Got Talent just recently when our very own, Madonna Decena, graced their stage and literally blew the judges away. Now, from a looks of it, the Filipina Diva has got herself a competition in the person of Charlie Green.

Charlie is a 10 year old boy and would you believe he likes the genre of Frank Sinatra and the likes. He is a product of a multicultural love between a Filipina who hails from my hometown CEBU and a Brit. Charlie is infectiously likeable more than his American Idol counterparts. Hopefully, he'll finish good in the competition if not win it all the way.

Looks like good things are bound to happen for Filipino talents abroad.

Thanks Starmometer for never failing to update us with wonderful news about Pinoys.

Charlie Green - Britain's Got More Talent
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